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Changling Mausoleum

The Changling Mausoleum is located in the north of Sanyi Village, Yaodian Town, 20 kilometers east of Xianyang City of Shaanxi Province.

The Mausoleum belongs to Liu Bang (256-195BC), Emperor Gaozu, and his wife, Queen Lu, of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). It is located on the top point of the Xianyang Plain, leaning against Jiushan Mountain in the north and the Weiyang Palace in the south. The Changling Mausoleum is crossed by the Jing and the Wei Rivers. The antique committee of Shaanxi Province has conducted a complete exploration and categorization of the mausoleum, discovering many relics during 1970 and 1976.

The mausoleum is square, 1,000 meters long from south to north and 900 meters wide from east to west. Standing on the ground of the west city wall are the remains of a rammed-earth mound that is 600 meters long, six meters wide and three meters tall. The tombs are situated to the south of the yard 250 meters apart: Gaozu's tomb lies in the west and the queen's tomb in the east. The king's tomb is wider on top and narrower at the bottom, 32 meters high. There are six large relics of the rest halls in the northwest corner, southeast corner and along the south wall.

East of the Changling Mausoleum are the area of satellite tombs, which stretches for about 7.5 kilometers. 

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