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picture (image) of lion.gifEssential


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- Chinese Family
- Genealogy
- Chinese Names
- Religious Architecture
- Cloth Art
- Buddhism

picture (image) of ctm.gifTraditional Medicine

There were many great inventions in ancient China. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) was one of them. TCM is not merely a general invention, but also a great invention, which in fact, can be called the "fifth ......

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- Culture of Tcm
- Diagnosis & Therapeutics
- Traditional Dietotherapy
- Medicine Minority
- Special Inventions
- Chinese Herbal Package
- Tcm in The Word
- 1st in Tcm
- Doctor
- Book

picture (image) of sculpture-carving.gifSculpture & Carving

When talking about sculptures, people will most likely think of the ancient Roman architectural sculptures or the Greek nude sculptures; few are acquainted with the history or characteristics of Chinese sculpture. ......

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- Carving
- Boxwooden

picture (image) of zodiac.gifZodiac & Calendar

In China, instead of asking your age, people may ask you questions like "what do you belong to?" Don't ever think that you are expected to answer like "I belong to the US". You are supposed ......

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picture (image) of porcelain.gifArts & Crafts


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- Arts Bean
- Antique Furniture
- Art Straws
- Art Tub
- Blue Calico
- Bamboo
- Bamboo Basketry
- Batik
- Calligraphy Set
- Ceramics
- Chinese Ancient Coin
- Chinese Brocade
- Chinese Bronze
- Chinese Carving
- Chinese Calligraphy
- Chinese Cloisonne
- Chinese Embroidery
- Chinese Fans
- Clay Figurines
- Chinese Jade Art
- Chinese Knots
- Chinese Lacqure Art
- Chinese Lanterns
- Chinese Mental Craft
- Chinese Painting
- Chinese Papercut
- Chinese Porcelain
- Chinese Pottery
- Chinese Ribbon Buttons
- Chinese Sculpture
- Chinese Seal
- Chinese Shubi
- Chinese Silk
- Chinese Snuff Bottles
- Chinese Umbrellas
- Cloth Art in China
- Country Engravings
- Flower Power
- Glassware
- Gourd Art
- Gourd-Shaped Articles
- Hairy Monkeys
- Iron Picture
- Jian
- Miniascape
- Miniature
- New Year Paintin
- Perfume Pouch
- Pokerwork
- Patching
- Qiuse Arts
- Reference
- Rongbaozhai
- Silk Figurines
- Silver Pot
- Stone
- Tang Tri-colored Ceramics
- Tibetan Culture
- Tile-Ends
- Traditional Kite Craft
- Wall Hangings
- Wax Printing
- Wood
- Xuande Incense Burner
- Yongle Bell
- Zhao Gang
- Books Industrial Arts

picture (image) of painting.gifPainting & Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy (Brush calligraphy) is an art unique to Asian cultures. Shu (calligraphy), Hua (painting), Qin (a string musical instrument), and Qi (a strategic boardgame) are the four basic skills and discipl ......

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- Calligraphy Gallery
- Masters Calligraphy
- Painting
- Rongbaozhai

picture (image) of decoration.gifChinese Decoration

Origin of Chinese Dragon

Dragon is a legendary kind of creature, which does not exist in the world at all.

Apart from China, many other countries also enjoy the image of dragon in their legend ......

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picture (image) of ethnic.gifChinese Ethnic Group

China is a large country noted for its dense population and vast territory. There are 55 minority ethnic groups in addition to the Han who represent 92% of the population. The defining elements of an ethnic group a ......

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- Ethnic Group

picture (image) of festival.gifFestivals

China is both an ancient country with a history as long as 5,000 years and a big family with 56 nationalities. China boasts a variety of unique and attractive festivals thanks to the long history of these nationali ......

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- Nationwide Festival
- Minority Festival

picture (image) of travel.gifTravel

China, (People's Republic of China), is situated in eastern Asia, bounded by the Pacific in the east. The third largest country in the world, next to Canada and Russia, it has an area of 9.6 million square kilo ......

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- Ancient Towns
- Towers
- Pavilions
- Chinese Style Gardens
- Palaces
- Historical Cities

picture (image) of clothing.gifClothing

Ancient Chinese Clothing (Chinese Traditional Style Dress)
In ancient society people lived in crude caves, naked. During the New Stone Age they invented bone needle and began ......

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- Ancient Dyeing & Printing
- Ancient Textile Technology
- Blue Calico
- Brocade
- Cloth Art
- Headgear
- History
- Minority-Clothing
- Shoes & Hats
- Silk
- Style

picture (image) of kungfu.gifKungfu

Do you know Bruce Lee, Jet Li or Jackie Chan, all famous Chinese film stars adept in Wushu? Wow, how magic and terrific! Anyone who has seen classical Chinese Kung Fu movies will be deeply impressed by the Chinese ......

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- Kungfu Styles

picture (image) of tea.gifCuisine & Drink

The development and diversity of the delights of Chinese cuisine are also representative of China's long history. With each dynasty new recipes were created until the art of food preparation reach its peak duri ......

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- Alcohol
- Cuisines
- Delicacies
- Dim Sum
- Etiquettes
- Festival Food
- Medicated Diet
- Tea Culture

picture (image) of transportation.gifTransportation

one spring, I went to a region of rivers and lakes in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces to collect folk stories. The region is situated on the south banks of the largest river in China, the Yangtze River, so it is oft ......

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picture (image) of opera.gifPerforming Arts

The theater is a mirror of life and history, as well as a Cultural flower for all people to appreciate. Many nations have their own theatrical traditions, but Chinese theater is totally different from those of othe ......

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- Acrobatics
- Artistic Features
- Art Quyi
- China Operas
- Distinctive Opera Music
- Entering New Era
- Fantasy Stage World
- Nurtured Folk Arts
- Puppetry
- Shadow Theater
- Three Golden Eras

picture (image) of religion.gifReligions & Beliefs

China is a country with a great diversity of religions, with over 100 million followers of the various faiths. The main religions Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, although it is true to say that Confucianism is a ......

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- Catholicism
- Christianism
- Confucianism
- Islamism
- Taoism
- Tibetan-buddhism
- Buddhism

picture (image) of people.gifPeople

The earliest appellation Emperor was a general designation of Three Kings and Five Emperors. Three Kings were referred to Emperor of Heaven, Emperor of Earth and Emperor of Human, the three ancient emperors in Chin ......

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- Ancient Belle
- Emperors
- Minister Emissary
- Militarist
- Scientists Engineers
- Philosophers
- Painters Calligraphers
- Poets
- Fiction Writers
- Prose Writers
- Doctors
- Others

picture (image) of folk-custom.gifFolk Custom

Chinese like hilarity. On festivals, it is more happy and everywhere is full of exciting air. Though in the freedom Chinese washed and globed by the western culture, every traditional entertainments of the festival ......

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- Marriage

picture (image) of literature.gifLiterature

Ancient literature is a precious cultural heritage of China's several thousand years of civilization. The Book of Songs, a collection of 305 folk ballads of the Western Zhou Dynasty and the Spring and Autumn pe ......

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- Fiction
- Poets
- Prose
- Works

picture (image) of fengshui.gifFeng Shui

Traditional or classical Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese belief system that addresses the layout of cities, villages, dwellings, and buildings. Fengshui has been identified as a kind of geomancy by 19th-century Chr ......

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picture (image) of music.gifMusic & Dance

Music of China appears to date back to the dawn of Chinese civilization, and documents and artifacts provide evidence of a well-developed musical culture as early as the Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC - 256 BC).


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- Dance

picture (image) of architecture.gifArchitecture

Ancient Chinese Architecture

Chinese architecture refers to a style of architecture that has taken shape in Asia over the years. Over the centuries, the structural principles of Chinese architecture have ......

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- Ancient Bridge
- Capital City & Palace
- Classification by Structure
- Commoner Architecture
- Imperial Architecture
- Mausoleum
- Religious Architecture
- Reference
- Garden Architecture

picture (image) of jiaozi.gifAncient Relics

Sedan or Sedanchair (Jiaozi)

The sedan or sedanchair (jiaozi), a traditional vehicle of transportation carried by bearers, was called at the beginning jianyu (shoulder carriage), being a carriage that tr ......

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