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Imperial Mausoleum of Tian Qi

The Imperial Mausoleum of Tian Qi is distributed along the east side of the Dingzu and Niushan mountains, 7.5 kilometers south of the ancient capital city of the Qi kingdom, Linzi, in Zibo City, Shandong Province.

The mausoleum consists of the tombs of the six Qi kings from the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476BC). The majestic tombs stretch from east to west, with a score of small tombs nearby. Collectively, the tombs are known as the Qiling Tomb, the most famous ones being Erwang (two kings) Tomb and Siwang (four kings) Tomb.

Situated at the eastern foot of Dingzu Mountain, according to legend, the Erwang Tomb belongs to Huangong and Jinggong of the Qi Kingdom. Huangong, who served from 685-643BC, instigated reforms and turned the Qi Kingdom into the top kingdoms during the Spring and Autumn Period. Between 547-490BC, Jinggong made remarkable achievements in politics. The two tombs, which are 20 meters high and 120 meters in circumference, face each other in the east and west.

Located south of Zihe Village, the Siwang Tomb belongs to King Wei, King Xuan, King Min and King Xiang, according to legend. Under the regime of King Wei (365-320BC), the Qi Kingdom was one of the Top Seven Kingdoms of the Warring States Period (475-221BC). 

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