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Ancient Textile Technology

Silkworm Raising
The technique of reeling silk from silkworm cocoons was one of the great inventions in ancient China. Five thousand years ago, Chinese people began to use silk filaments reeled from cocoons to produce silk items.

Textile Spinning and Weaving
Textile spinning and weaving using machinery in China originated from the spinning wheel in the Neolithic Age. In the Western Zhou period, the spinning wheel was further developed, and led to the invention of sophisticated spinning and weaving machines. In the Han Dynasty, the jacquard loom and cruise loom were widely used. In the Tang Dynasty, textile spinning and weaving developed as a full-scale industry.

Four Famous Types of Embroidery
Four main types of embroidery emerged - Su embroidery (produced in the City of Suzhou), Xiang embroidery (produced in Hunan Province), Shu embroidery (produced in Sichuan Province), and Yue embroidery (produced in Guangdong Province). Su embroidery is famous for its fine workmanship, beautiful pictures and elegant colors, and is rated as the best of the four types.

Cloth Weaving
As early as in the Spring and Autumn Period(770-476 B.C.), China had begun to use the pedal loom, which was driven by manpower.

Double-Sided Embroidery
Double-sided embroidery is characterized by ingenious composition and exquisite craftsmanship.

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