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Advanced Pa Kua (Bagua)

The Pa Kua is an ancient and powerful Chinese symbol, made up of Eight Triagrams which are said to contain the mysteries of the universe and interpretations. Each of the Eight Triagrams on the Pa Kua relate to a separate Aspiration, which is associated with a part of your life in a specific location in your home.

In order to help boost your aspirations, a section can be "activated" by using the appropriate Element.


Triagram: K'an

Area: Associated with the North Sector

Element: Water. Symbolised by water features, fountains, aquariums and the colours black and blue.

Advice: A good location for your home study is the Northwest which favours luck. It is linked to metal, so for example you can place a metal wind chime or hang a picture of a large mountain to symbolise the Earth, which in turn produces Metal in the Productive Cycle. Use your compass to check your location's orientation, then place it facing your best direction. Put fresh flowers on the East for Yang energy and a healthy plant on the Southeast to enhance your prospects for greater wealth. A round crystal in your desk's Southwest corner will help work relationships. Clean up the clutter to remove the yin energy and watch out for poison arrows from the sharp desk corners.


  • Always sit in an office facing the door so that you don't get caught unaware and sit with a solid wall behind you.
  • At business meetings sit facing the door in one of your personal directions.
  • In the North Corner use water features and fish (preferably three, two light and one dark).
  • Add a symbolic blue light.

Wealth and Prosperity

Triagram: Sun

Area: Associated with the Southeast Sector.

Element: Small Wood, this is symbolised by plants, flowers and the colour green.
Advice: This area represent your finances so care should be taken to energise the relevant sectors. For example, a toilet in the Southeast Sector is not good, so as a precaution it's recommended to keep the toilet seat down and door shut when not in use - therefore limiting the amount of positive ch'i being flushed away. If you are planning to locate rooms, it's recommended to use the Southeast Sector as an office.


  • Place a healthy plant in the wealth area of the Southeast. Plants with sharp points and leaves should not be used. A money plant is recommended.
  • Use water features to produce Wood in the element of the production cycle.
  • If the area is dark, attract energy by placing a low watt bulb in the corner and keep the light on throughout the day and night.
  • Placing a mirror on a dining room wall will reflect the food on a table, this is considered auspicious as it symbolises the doubling of wealth.

Relationships and Romance

Triagram: K'un

Area: Associated with the Southwest Sector.

Element: Strong Earth, this is symbolised by crystals or paired items such as hearts, candles and the colour yellow.

Advice: To enhance family relationships make sure you have photos of you and your family in this sector. Ornaments in this sector should be placed in pairs to symbolise togetherness. Those who have been single for a long time should look at this area.


  • Activate the Southwest sector with real or silk red flowers such as roses, recognised as a symbol of love.
  • Use crystals to attract yang energy to this sector.
  • Display paired items such as mandarin ducks, double fish, butterflies or footsteps of Buddha.
  • Enhance the Southwest sector with figurines or statues of couples, lit by a table lamp with a ceramic or terracotta base.
  • Display a picture or fan featuring a red penny flower on the wall of your bedroom.
  • Hang a two or nine rod crystal or ceramic wind chime in the Southwest corner of your living room to increase your popularity.
  • Don't have an aquarium in your bedroom.
  • Don't use live plants or flowers in the bedroom as they are too yang.
  • Don't hang pictures of single people in your home.

Health and Family

Triagram: Chen

Area: Associated with the East Sector.

Element: Strong Wood, this is symbolised by healthy thriving plants and a deep green colour.
Advice: Good feng shui in this area represents good health for the family. Placing a healthy round leaf in the East is auspicious, so nurture it and replace it if it withers. Pictures of plants can also be placed in the East if there is no space for a potted plant.


  • Arrange your bed so your head is facing in your Health Direction when sleeping.
  • Place a healthy green plant with no sharp edges in the East.
  • Make sure the centre of your home is uncluttered.
  • Boost the East with a complementary water feature, as Water feeds Wood in the productive cycle.
  • Place a symbolic painting of peaches (immortality) or use ceramic items or ornamental jade trees which have lucky number of six or eight peaches.
  • Place a dragon-head tortoise at the back of your home for general support and prosperity.


Triagram: Tui

Area: Associated with the West Sector.

Element: Metal, this is symbolised by statues made of metal, electrical appliances and the colour white.

Advice: In activating the West Sector, you will be promoting family harmony and enhancing the chances of having children. Harmony will increase health, behaviour and academic performance for the children in the household. On the other side, bad feng shui in this area will have adverse effects on children in the house leading to unruly behaviour and poor academic performance at school. Placing a Buddha in the house is considered lucky and using auspicious colours such as pinks and red in the bedroom will ensure a fertile union.


  • Place metallic objects or ornaments such as wind chimes and brass bells in the West sector.
  • Use earth items such as crystals, glassware, ceramics and terracotta.
  • To motivate children place quartz or crystals in their work area.
  • Use white, gold or silver objects in the West of the family living room.

Education and Knowledge

Triagram: Ken

Area: Associated with the Northeast Sector.

Element: Earth, this is symbolised by crystals and the colours brown or yellow.

Advice: Find the Northeast sector of the living room or bedroom of the student, place items associated with Earth such as ceramics (empty vases are auspicious) will enhance this area. Avoid objects with sharp corners.


  • Energise the Northeast with crystals.
  • Enhance the area with rounded ceramic items.
  • Clean the clutter, make sure education materials are not placed on the floor.
  • Position the desk in the Northeast sector of a room or study.


Triagram: Li

Area: Associated with the South Sector.

Element: Fire, this is symbolised by light and the colour red.

Advice: A home with the south sector well lit will bring the owner recognition of their achievements. Members of the family may be promoted at work, find work or boost self-esteem.


  • Place lights, candles and red ornaments in the South sector of your home/living room.
  • Use lamps with curved edges, with yellow/white/red bulbs.
  • Placing paintings of birds with red colourings is considered auspicious if placed in the Southern sector,
  • Avoid placing water objects or paintings of water in this area.


Triagram: Ch'ien

Area: Associated with the Northwest Sector.

Element: Metal, this is symbolised by metal and objects such as hollow wind chimes and the colours white, silver and gold.

Advice: Chinese believe this sector should be focused on particularly and so make sure this sector is activated. It's believed the head of the household will have good career prospects and by using a tool such as a hollow six-rod wind chime will summon the appropriate energy.


  • Enhance your luck with metal objects in the corner- TV, hi-fi or metal ornaments.
  • Use Earth elements in this area also, such as crystals or ceramic items.
  • Religious items can be placed in this sector (in Chinese terms this can be the laughing Buddha or the Gods of Three Lucks). 

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