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General Home Tips

According to the principles of Feng shui the effects of Ch'i (energy) flowing through our homes and surroundings can affect our balance and harmony in day to day life, by using certain techniques and principles of Feng Shui in your home you can begin to live in a more harmonious way.

The House Itself

The way your home faces can be a problem, the south can provide nourishing Ch'i, the East -growing Ch'i, the North -hidden Ch'i, the West can be disruptive Ch'i, all of these situations can be cured by implementing certain cures

Place a plan of your house over the "Pa Kua" map, ensure that the compass directions are observed, from this you can see which parts of your house influence which parts of your life.From the moment you enter your home the main door needs to be looked at.

If the door is large or too small, or if it is facing a certain way which affects the flow of Ch'i, then common remedies to cure these problems are the placing of windchimes and the hanging of mirrors to reflect and give the feeling of more space, the windchimes slow the flow of the Ch'i. And help it to flow more smoothly as it should be.

If you have a staircase that is in direct line with the front door windchimes hanging above the bottom step will be the cure to prevent the Ch'i from going straight out through the front door.


In the main room of your home , the lounge this is common sense and the avoidance of clutter, it used to be in old times that the fire would be the centre piece of the room around which everyone would gather, nowadays, unfortunately it is the TV , which gives off a lot of negative energy.

You should always try to ensure that there are no sharp corners which would hinder the flow of the Ch'i. ,this can be cured by placing furniture at angles rather than having it in straight lines, and also by placing plants and lights in the corners of the room, you may find that you have already got these features in you room without realising it!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is a very important room as far as Feng shui is concerned , for it is the heart of the home, the room where all the meals are prepared, and it is also the room which can benefit the most from Feng Shui principles.

The placement of the cooker is an important factor, and the plentifulness of your cupboards, mirrors your life.


The main bedroom in your home will be the bedroom you and your partner/husband/wife occupy and we all spend about a third of our lives in this room, so for both your sakes it needs to be in total harmony and balance with you.

Colour is all important, too much bright yellow can over stimulate, small hints of red can bring passion to you, green can be very calming, plan your decoration very carefully with exactly what type of atmosphere you are trying to create for yourselves. Your bed is the centre piece of the room, it should be stable, and never positioned directly in front of a door (as this is the way morticians lay bodies out).

Mirrors directly reflecting you, overhead or to the side of you can have a very draining effect, if possible try to have an uncluttered gap between your bed and the floor.

You should always ensure that your bed is made before you leave as an unmade bed could effect your day ahead.

All types of modern day gadgets are disturbing, computers, tv's, radio alarm clocks etc, you should try to keep these to a minimum, if you have to have them in your bedroom then you should aim to keep them as far as possible away from you whilst you are in your bed.

Good things to have in rooms are photographs of you and your family, anything connected to your relationship, and should be placed in the southwest part of the room as this symbolises relations.

Any ornaments that you have in the bedroom should be in pairs and placed in the south west to enhance relationships.

Children's Room

A child's bedroom needs to be kept free of clutter in the central part, and the room should reflect their need to grow and develop, you should again consider colour schemes well , yellow's again should not be too bright as this could cause sleeping difficulties.

Children need to have their environment made for them, to feel part of, not dwarfed by, so large pieces of furniture that you may like may make them feel overwhelmed by.

Sleeping under shelves, beams etc is not good for them as this causes a feeling of oppression.


Finally the bathroom and the toilet are the two rooms which have to be given careful consideration as they are driven by the use of water, and there is also the fact of wastage and water being dispelled.

You should always ensure that the fixtures and fittings are in good order and the room is spotlessly clean, also that there are no dripping taps and no problems with plumbing.

A bathroom and toilet area should always be kept in a nice clean condition, no pot-pouri (dried flowers are not good, dead plants etc are bad energy), and a strategically placed freshener can be just as good. 

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