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Many Chinese believe in lucky numbers. Mostly base on the pronunciation of number itself. These numbers can be anything, day of the year, house or apartment numbers. Phone or license plate even serial numbers on money bills. This is way beyond the fact most of the price tags end with 98 or 88. Such number are not FengShui based but people just love them. Here are some examples:

  • 168: a road of prosperity or be prosper together. Many areas in China, charged telephone service numbers starts with 168 (similar to 900 number in America but has nothing to do with sex), the company who provides the serve are definitely getting a road of prosperity when you call them.
  • 289: Easy long-term prosperity, mostly in south east China and Hong Kong.5: me, myself
  • 518: I will prosper
  • 5189: I will prosper for a long time
  • 516289: I will get on a long, smooth prosperous road
  • 5918: I will soon prosper
  • 6: easy and smooth
  • 7: together
  • 8: sudden fortune, prosperity
  • 9: long in time

Some times not so attractive numbers can become attractive when form a phrase:
48: 4 sounds like 'death', when placed in front of the prosperous 8 becomes 'determined to prosper'. Not bad at all for a new year's resolution.


A water feature that brings good Feng Shui, especially if it is a home for lively fish. It symbolises growth and activity and is best placed in the wealth area or Southeast corner of the home.


Secret arrows or poison Arrows symbolise killing energy or bad Feng Shui. These can be caused by hostile structures in the landscape or by bad furniture placement in the home such as sharp corners pointing at you or even a T intersection outside your front door.

Ba gua/Pa Kua

BA means eight and 'Gua' means trigram in Chinese. The Bagwa consists of eight sacred emblems sometimes called trigrams, directions or activities. It is used to encourage the flow of Chi (life force), which is regarded as the primary building brick of the universe. The Bagwa is said to have been found inscribed on the back of a turtle that rose from the yellow river at the dawn of time. The secrets of the universe were believed to be contained within. The Bagwa can be used in Feng Shui to balance and move Chi. The Bagwa ideally should be blessed.


An excellent plant or wood to use with Feng Shui, it symbolises longevity. Bamboo stems are good for slowing down the flow of Chi. Tie them with a red ribbon to provide the Yang energy required. Hung from the ceiling they counteract the negative energy of overhead beams to soften the negative effect that they produce.


Symbolise good fortune. Chinese mythology believe that evil energies are deterred by a symbol or picture of a bat, or five bats, therefore bringing the occupant protection and luck.

Beaded curtains

Some schools of feng shui believe that doorways directly opposite each other in a corridor are said to symbolise confrontation and misunderstanding between occupants. In this case place a beaded curtain over the doorway as a cure. A beaded door curtain can also be used in front of a bedroom doorway that directly faces the other front door.


Exposed beams has been said to be bad feng shui as they are likened to heavy loads on the body which can have effects on one's health. Some schools of feng shui recommend to not sleep under, or even worse, place a child's bed or cot underneath a exposed beams as they believe it can lead to illness. A common recommendation is placing a pair of bamboo flutes or crystals upon the beams.


Bells are used for clearing, protection and activation. Hang bells from an entrance door to 'announce' anyone entering. Bells have been used throughout history as harbingers of news. Not only will it announce people but the beautiful sounds will attract pleasant feelings and represent further beauty within one's homes and environment.


Exposed bookshelves can be an attractive feature but books that are crammed in together create stagnant Chi`. Where possible avoid placing them where the corners are directed at you or guests. If it is unavoidable you can enclose them with doors or a small curtain. Bookcases should be kept free of clutter and do not allow junk to accumulate here. Books that are crammed in together create stagnant Chi which will not benefit the occupants. Some schools of feng shui believe that exposed or shelves without books are likened to blades cutting through you and can be hazardous to you health. Be sure that they are kept well stocked with books and perhaps some beautiful book ends/separators.


There are many different symbols available for Feng Shui bracelets. Their definitions will obviously differ depending on the symbol, but the idea of wearing the bracelet is to carry it's influence with you where-ever you go and whatever you do. Be it for good luck, prosperity, peace etc.


A common used practice in Feng Shui is the placement of Buddhas, they are used as as a cure and to enhance particular areas of life.There are eight remedies commonly used in the practice of Feng Shui,and the placement of a Buddha is to enhance the feeling of stillness, this is used in an area where the chi may be flowing too fast. A large Buddha is a wonderful choice to instill the feeling of Serenity and calm.A Buddha ornament should always be given as a gift, it is believed to be bad luck to buy one for yourself so always ask for a Buddha to be given as a present or gift.


Used for attracting vital energy or to energize an area. Also useful for reducing harsh light. Lighting a candle instead gives a softer light, which is warm, inviting and peaceful. Used in the bedroom to enhance relationships and as a Feng Shui cure for travel misfortune. It can also be used as a fantastic 'fire' cure in the southern region of the premises.


Cats symbolise protection against evil spirits as they are able to see in the dark and frighten away spirits that have bad intentions. You may display the symbol of the cat in your wealth sector, Southeast, or in your Inner Knowledge sector, Northeast. According to the ancient Egyptians cats were worshiped and kept as pets, mostly by royalty. This was because they believed that all evil spirits were afraid of the distinctive features of cats and thus making them a protective necessity in their home.

Celestial Animals

The four Celestial Animals are the Red Bird, Green Dragon, White Tiger and Black Tortoise. The front of a building, being the smallest in area of the premises, is always symbolized by the Bird. At the rear, being the largest in area, is governed by the Tortoise. Standing inside the building facing the front, the Dragon should be to the left, and takes up the second largest in area of the premises. And the Tiger, on the right, takes up the second smallest in area of the premises.


The Dragon's cosmic breath and the key to Feng Shui. Chi means positive energy and is used in Acupuncture, Martial Arts, Painting and Healing Medicine also. Feng Shui strives to harness the power of this energy, improving its flow, imparting its power and at times slowing it down to reap its benefits. Like electricity it is an invisible force but we can feel it and we take care how we handle it.


Colour amplifies the five elements, when used correctly it helps create good luck.

  • Wood: Brown and greens
  • Fire: Red, orange, pink and purple
  • Metal: White, silver, gold, bronze and chrome
  • Earth: Ochre and light yellow
  • Water: Blue, purple and black

Some schools of feng shui believe that single colour's have little effect on feng shui. They believe that colour combinations bring good or bad luck. Some good examples are. Black and White, red and gold, deep purple and silver or chrome. Good combinations: Two reds one yellow, two yellows one white, two whites one blue, two blues one green, two browns one red. Bad combinations: Two reds one white, two whites one green, two greens one yellow, two yellows one blue, two blues one red.


Protruding corners are bad Feng Shui as they disrupt healthy Chi flow by sending out negative energy and can create havoc. Placing a tall, bushy, round leafed plant before it to act as a cure, especially if you are seated directly facing the offending corner. Alternatively you can hang a crystal in front of it or place mirrors or drape some fabric in front of it to soften the effect.

Corridors Long straight corridors act as arrows projecting Sha chi (negative energy) and can symbolise harming relationships as the healthy Chi has nowhere to accumulate. Placing plants and windchime's along the corridor will help reduce the negative impact. Alternatively hang a beaded curtain half way down the corridor to slow the chi flow down.


Representing the earth element, crystals are suitable for the southwest and northwest sectors. They are considered to bring luck to education, romance and social interaction. Hang an amethyst hanging crystal above the front door, in the inside, to deter thieves from your premises.


The size, position and number of doors of a house are important factors in Feng Shui. The front door is especially significant as it is the main point of entry for Chi. It should not be obstructed or too small and should not be positioned to face hostile structures such as crosses or arrows. Bathroom and toilet doors should remain closed and doors should not face each other if possible. Cures to be used in this case consist of mirrors, crystals and beaded curtains and bells.


Dragons will bring power and influence wherever you so choose to place them. The dragon supports the water element; best placing it facing water, clean water such as an ocean, river, stream or a fountain. The dragon brings the power of rain showers for abundant harvests, the principle of heaven and male yang power. If you place a dragon in front of the entrance door, inside, it symbolises great protection to the premises and the occupants.

Dragon Turtle

The dragon turtle is one of the best representatives of a long and prosperous life. A golden dragon turtle attracts prosperity to your business and improves relationships with those around you. The turtle should be placed in the prosperity corner (South-east) of an office or business and facing towards the door.


Fish represent success and keeping them in a pond or aquarium is said to bring good luck. Symbols of fish or artwork containing fish may be placed in the study or office to bring success and good fortune in business.

Fu Dogs

Also known as guardian lions, lion dogs or temple lions. Fu Dogs are an extremely powerful protection for your home or business, you will find nearly every home or business in Asia complemented by a pair either inside or outside. Out of all the cures and enhancers in Feng Shui, Fu Dogs in our opinion are the most essential. The dogs are represented as a Male, holding a globe under his left or right paw and as a Female holding a cub under her right or left paw is placed on the right side. The Male should be placed on the left whilst the female placed on the right and can be placed by the door or in a windowsill.

Golden Cat of Abundance and Protection

This two sided statue represents protection and attraction of wealth. One side of the Golden Cat of Abundance is smiling and holdings its left paw up which represents good fortune and the attraction of money to you. The other side of the Golden Cat of Abundance and Protection features a cat with an expression of warning and holding a broom, the cats paw is raised to ward off evil energy. The broom symbolizes insight and wisdom and is believed to have the power to sweep away worry and trouble. Cats can also see in the dark and offer protection against evil spirits as they can frighten away

Ching - Good Luck Coins

Each package contains three coins and are given as gifts to encourage wealth and prosperity in all sectors of your life. The three coins come with envelope, auspicious red ribbon and information card. Joining the coins with the ribbon and your own knot forms an infinite loop and activates a never ending source of prosperity and good fortune. The act of giving the coins spreads happiness and good luck to those who receive them.


Jade (crystal) is a sacred stone in China, as it is known to be worn for promoting longevity and ensuring prosperity for future descendants. The Chinese would also carve butterfly images from jade, which was worn as a love-attracting pendant or given to another in hope of finding the one true love. Wear jade while gardening or bury some in the garden as it has been said to improve the life of your plants. To symbolise increasing your wealth plant a Jade plant in the garden. Place it in the southeast of a shop or displayed in the window, it represents attracting customers to your business.


Table or floor lamps can be used to stimulate Yang energy and can be placed anywhere in the home to energize an area such as on a table or in a dark corner of a room. The only thing to be wary of is the brilliance or harshness of the light emitted. A soft, warm glow is ideal.


A flower symbolic of good fortune and spiritual development. A lotus pond in the garden is considered most auspicious.

Mandarin Ducks

The symbol of conjugal happiness as ducks mate for life. Displayed in the southwest they are said to attract luck of romance and love as long as they are kept in pairs. An ideal Feng Shui wedding gift.

Mayan Ball

The Mayan Ball represents the deflection of negative energy. It may be worn as a personal talisman. Hang Mayan balls from windows, which are located on either side of the front door to act as symbolism of protection from negative and weakening energy as these windows are considered to symbolise inconsistency and lack of defence (according to some schools of feng shui). They may also be hung from windows that face one another to represent minimising the loss of Chi. Always hang the Mayan ball from red cord or thread as this symbolizes good fortune.

Money Tree

This is a Feng Shui cure. You can make your own money tree in two ways. The first is to tie nine I Ching coins with a red ribbon, place them inside a lucky red envelope and bury it in the soil of a healthy plant (ideally a Jade plant). The second way is to tie three I Ching coins with a red ribbon and place them under a pot plant. This symbolises growth in your finances.


According to some schools of feng shui, staircases are like bridges between each level in helping the lower level chi interact with the upper level chi. However if a staircase faces the front or entrance door this may be considered less than ideal. Some schools of feng shui believe that this causes confusion between the chi entering the front door and the chi from the upper level that is draining out, they believe that by not being able to keep the vital positive Chi in your home or workplace can be disastrous and staircases opposite the front door do not help. However to remedy this problem place a large object such as a large pot plant in front or to one side of the staircase to make a filter type remedy for the Chi entering and exiting. You can use other large objects such as sculptures, tall aquariums, etc. They consider that by distracting the Chi it will lessen the effect of this problem and thus create a positive effect.

The Golden Pigs

This cute and beautiful pair of golden pigs denote great prosperity and happiness to a household. The pig is the symbol of human virtues such as tolerance and honesty. The pig is a creature that signifies initiative and diligence. You may place the pair of golden pigs in the Southeast for prosperity or the East for family relationships.

Three Legged Moon Frog

The three legged frog (or toad) is very much the symbol of good fortune and wealth. The three legged frog (sometimes known as Chan Chu) with the good luck coin in its mouth when placed inside the front door and facing into the home will, according to ancient Chinese Feng Shui methods, bring about positive changes to your life and prosperity. This Chinese symbol is also associated with longevity. The addition of the coin in the frogs mouth adds additional emphasis to prosperity. 

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