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Indoor Water Features

Water is used to activate or slow down Ch'i in a room, being highly beneficial for health, wealth and relationships. Indoor fountains copy the natural flow of water in a harmonious way creating the energy of Ch'i.

Placing a tabletop fountain in your home or office is the easiest way to add Ch?i into you life and will significantly enhance the desires you are working for. They can have an amazing effect on your wealth, romance and general well-being. To enhance your wealth and prosperity, position your indoor water feature in the southeast element of your home or office. For career luck, place in the north. 

Fountains also add the relaxing sound of a babbling brook to your environment and are recommended for homes that have central heating, as they increase the humidity level which in turn decreases dust, pollutants and static electricity. Flowing or moving water also increases negative ions in the air. Excessive amounts of positive ions (which are created by pollution and other factors) can result in sickness and depression. Water Fountains can help by balancing the negative and positive ions in the air.

Wealth & luck = south-east. Good marriage = south-west. Career = north. Helpful friends = west. Good health and family relationship = east. Study & education = north-east

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