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Office Environment

The Feng Shui of your workplace is important as it's a place where you'll spend a lot of your working life. If you own your own business then it's important you get the Feng Shui right in order for the business to be successful. If the Feng Shui is of the overall office is good, then the Feng Shui of the individual works will be enhanced.

Depending on what area your business is specialising in, you may first consider the position of your office plan and using Pa Kua. For example you may consider positioning the office in the North East (Knowledge) Sector if it's a knowledge-based business, or in the North West (Mentor/Networking) Sector if the business relies mostly on contacts outside the office.


  • Make sure the entrance is wide and well lit with a "bright hall" for ch'i collection in front of the main doors.
  • Check that rubbish does not accumulate outside your entrance door.
  • Light the entrance well, for example with uplights.
  • If you are able, protect the entrance of your office building with two lions (sometimes referred to as Fu Dogs) as they help to reduce the entry into the building of bad (sha) ch'i.
  • Place a water feature or fountain near the front doorway, this will welcome good ch'i.

Office Layout

  • Avoid long, straight corridor or furniture alignments.
  • Get rid of as many sharp corners as you can and make sure people can move freely.
  • Square pillars should be softened, perhaps with a climbing plant.
  • Make sure you can clearly see the doorway of your own office.


  • Treat all your personal or financial files with respect, especially files that contain potential and ongoing projects. Do not leave them on the floor. You do not want your business trodden on. Give your company name or logo the same respect. Never place your company name or logo on the floor as this symbolises thousands of people's feet stamping all over your business.
  • Make use of filing systems and trays.

Activating Sectors

  • Activate the prosperity sector in the South East by using water features such as fountains or fish tanks with eight colourful fish inside (plus one dark one to represent the balancing Yin).
  • Activate the fame sector in the South especially if your business depends on public recognition, by installing red furnishings or other representations of "fire".
  • Activate the networking sector in the North West of your business with Metal - filing cabinets and perhaps electronic equipment. You could also use large crystals.
  • You could also activate the career sector in the North area of an office. However, this would activate and promote the careers of all members of staff in the office. If you want to activate this feature, place a water feature in this sector.

Secret Arrows

  • Make sure your desk is not hit by "secret arrows". Avoid locating it at the end of a long corridor or pointing at by corners of the walls, pillars or other desks. If you cannot move your desk, try and soften the corners with plants or screens.
  • Position your back against a wall for "support", avoid showing your back to an open space, window, door or corridor. 

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