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Three Feng Shui Keys

Love is hard to find and even harder to keep alive. As Feng Shui consultants we have come across many Feng Shui design faux pas concerning relationships. Basically, there are three major Feng Shui keys in finding that special someone and holding on to them.

The first Key is to make sure you are getting a good night sleep. After all, if we are exhausted the last thing we want to do is meet people or have sex. So what?s behind a good nights sleep? Let?s begin with bed placement. Our bed should be placed in a commanding position to the doorway and placed on the North wall. This will promote relaxation and effective sleep. It is also important a headboard supports our head and the bed be placed against a wall as oppose to floating in the room or up against a window. Also, watch out for too many plants, mirrors or water fountains in the bedroom. Suffice it to say, these items do better elsewhere. Let?s not forget about the bombardment of EMF?s (electromagnetic frequencies) that are in our bedrooms. Yes, this means throw the digital alarm clock out the window, place the computer in the office, and at least put the TV behind cabinet doors. When electrical appliances are turned on they emit EMF?s from an AC current. Our bodies react to this like a bolt of lightening because we operate on a DC current. Needless to say, you can throw out the idea of a restful sleep with these EMF?s lurking in the mist. Finally, let?s talk about room direction and placement according to the Feng Shui map, the Bagua. Why not choose your bedroom to be placed in the most romantic direction of all! The West direction exudes a sense of romance and relaxation. Now combine that with placing this room in the romance and partnership section of the bagua and you have a wonderful formula for love.

The second key to a successful relationship is symbolism. By and large, we know exactly what we want in life through the symbolism or lack of symbolism displayed in our spaces. In other words the artwork, colour and grouping of objects in our homes speak volumes as to what we want in life. What are you telling the universe you want out of a relationship? It?s that far right corner of the room that should exude romance, sensuality and duality. So clear out the clutter, single objects, family photos, or that chest from Aunt Dotty and replace it with some romantic images. Remember, how you set up the furniture in your room counts too. One nightstand and a bed against the wall suggests there is only room for one!

The third and final Feng Shui key to a successful relationship is a combination of colour, lighting and scents. If you plan on ever having sex again do not paint your bedroom lavender. This chaste energy is best to be left for your daughter?s room until she is of age to move out. Blue, yellow, brown and bright red are also problematic colours for the adult bedroom. Think romance colours when it comes to painting your bedroom and feel the sensuality explode from the walls. But don?t stop there! Let?s continue that colour scheme right to the bed linens too and pick out some soothing fabrics like cotton, silks, satin and chenille. Spray your linens with some romantic aromas like Pink Grapefruit, Rose Bulgaria or Jasmine and ignite your inner passions. Top it off with some candles for soft lightening and you are ready for a long life of romance and passion.

Now, this wouldn?t be a complete Feng Shui article without giving some quick remedies for other relationship issues. If what troubles you is finding that Mr. or Mrs. Right, then enhance your space with some Western energy by placing two roses along with a written list of the qualities you are looking for in a mate and place in the Western part of your bedroom at mid-wall level. Perhaps you feel your relationship is rather superficial. Sounds like you need to make some decisions here, so activate the Northwest sector of your bedroom by placing a metal clock there and sleep with your head facing Northwest. Or maybe the only thing you and your partner have in common is arguing. You need to create a more relaxing yin environment by using pale greens, blues, creams and other pastels along with natural materials like wicker and wood. Finally, let?s not forget the partner with cold feet. You need to expose the future Mr. or Mrs. to more North-western energy so a decision can be made. Yes, make sure their head is facing in this direction when they sleep and go ahead and place metal objects or round and oval shapes in this direction of the bedroom. Cheers to a wonderful and romantic relationship!

Mary Jane Kasliner & Shelley Mengo, owners of Harmonious Living, studied and received their Feng Shui certification at one of America's largest and most modern professional Feng Shui Schools, the DiAmicis School of Feng Shui in Philadelphia. Their studies also include compass school flying star method under the direction of world-renowned master, Roger Green. They are also the owners of Harmonious Living School of Feng Shui, a comprehensive certificate-training program. Their school combines Classical Feng Shui, Western Geomancy, and Ergonomic Design. They offer private consultations, various workshops, products, and other services. 

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