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Jin Ping Mei (The Golden Lotus)
Jin Ping Mei is the first novel composed entirely by a scholar It isthought to have been completed during Wan Li's reign of the MingDynasty. The author's name was given as Lanling-xiao-xiao-sheng (alaughing scholar from Lanling). Lanling is today's Feng County inShandong Province. The novel adopted a great deal of colloquial termsof Shangdong, therefore the author should be a native of that province,but his real name remains unknown.
Cao Xueqin And A Dream of Red Mansions
A Dream of Red Mansions was written in the latter half of the 18thcentury. It is not only a great Chinese novel but also a gem of world literature. The author is Cao Xueqin (1715-1763), also known as CaoZhan. He was born into a noble and powerful family, which was reduced from extreme prosperity to poverty.
Luo Guanzhong And The Romance of the Three Kingdoms
The Romance of the Three Kingdoms was written in the early Ming Dynasty It was based on folk legends, story telling scripts and dramas.
Pu Songling And Strange Tales of LiaoZhai
Strange Tales of Liaozhai includes 431 short stories written inclassical Chinese.
Shi Nai'an And Outlaws 0f The Marsh
Outlaws of the Marsh was written in the early Ming Dynasty. LikeThe Romance of the Three Kingdoms' it was also based on folk legends,storytelling scripts and dramas. Shi Nai'an lived in the time just before Luo Guanzhong. Outlaws of the Marsh is the first novel dealing with the subject matterof peasant revolt in China.
Wu Jingzi And The Scholars
Wu JingZi (1701 -1754), author of The Scholars and The Complete Collection of Wenmu was a native of Quanjiao County in Anhui Province. He was born into a distinguished family and grew up under the tutelageof Confucian thought.

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