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Wang Anshi's Prose

The prose of Wang Anshi (1021-1086) focuses on the problems of society, politics and life, becoming also a weapon in his political struggles. "A Letter in Reply to Sima Guang" interpreted Sima Guang's oppositionto new policies, while also expressing his own political opinion. The articlewas written in simple, flowing but firm, and clear language. "Reflectionson the Life of Prince Mengchang" refuted Mengchang's traditional ideasabout supporting advisers through analyzing historical facts, whileexpressing his own opinion on obtaining advisers. "Sorrow forZhongyong" stresses the importance of knowledge acquired throughdiligent study.

Travelogues accentuate a writer's literary talent and tastes. But WangAnshi's travelogues still gave prominence to argument. For example, in "Traveling to Mt. Baochan," the author spends almost half of the text to argue for the following principal: one who wants to achieve super successhas to make super efforts and with above-normal resolve - with no other shortcut.Most of Wang Anshi's prose are writings in argument form. He appealed to readers, rarely by resorting to sentiment but through incisive analyses of current socialills and unequivocal assertions. Therefore Wang's prose is generally forceful and logical. His language is simple, concise and profoundly conceived.

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