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Langzhong is located in the middle reaches of the Jialing River, north of Sichuan Province. The county lies in the west bank of the Jialing River with mountains in four sides and rivers in three sides. For 2,000 years, it is the throat of the south of the Shudao (the road of Sichuan).

Some 1,300 years ago, Langzhong started to be reputed as the Fairy Land with Enchanting Scenery. Langzhong is surrounded by the Jialing River and beautiful mountains. The scenic spots of Jinpinshan and the Dafo Temple attract tourists of different backgrounds by the integration of natural beauty, historic sites, religious culture and folk legend.

The time-honored history and the cultural heritage are key factors for the charm of Langzhong. The grandiose Yong'an Temple, the Big Buddha Temple, the Tengwang Pavilion, the Huaguang Building, the Memorial Temple of Zhang Fei, the Memorial Hall of Du Fu, the Memorial Temple of Zhang Xian, the Buddhist Temple, the Baba Temple, the Tiangong Manor, the Helou Temple, the Five Dragons Temple and so on are all the excellent relics of ancient times. The ancient Langzhou was the birthplace of many famous figures, namely Ma Zhong and Cheng Ji, generals in the Han state in the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280); Zhang Xian, a patriotic general in the Song Dynasty (960-1279); Zhang Dingming, the great mathematician in modern times. Many well-known poets in history once visited here and left their inscriptions, such as Du Fu, Lu You, Sima Guang, Wen Tong, Zhang Shanzi, Feng Zikai and Xiao Jun.

Langzhong has first-class protection areas for traditional residences and the battlefield relics of the Fourth Section of the Red Army. On December 8, 1986, the State Council proclaimed Langzhong as a famous historical and cultural city.

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