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Linhai City, under the jurisdiction of Taizhou, is situated in the central part of Zhejiang Province, bordering Ningbo City to the north, Jinhua City to the west, Wenzhou City to the south and facing the China East Sea to the east. The city has a land area of 2,203 square kilometers and a sea area of 1,819 square kilometers.

Linhai City is among the first batch of open coastal cities, national historical and cultural cities and national sanitary cities approved by the State Council, the birthplace of joint-stock economy in China, and a land transportation pivot, a center of culture, education and sanitation and a city that combines beautiful scenery south of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River and modern prosperity.

Linhai has a long history and boasts numerous historic sites. It was inhabited by human beings as early as in the Neolithic Age and was established as a county in the 2nd year (85BC) of the Shiyuan reign of the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). Ever since the Jin Dynasty (265-420), it has been the seat of Taizhou Prefecture and site of prefectural government. With city walls, street blocks, temples and tower groups here and there, the city preserves much antique flavor, and its Taizhou prefectural city wall and Taozhu City are listed as the key cultural relics sites under the state protection. Historically renowned persons like Zheng Yu, Luo Binwang, Wang Shixing and Qi Jiguang, etc., were born in Linhai, and many of their relics can still be found today in the city.

Linhai has enchanting natural scenery, especially its mountain and water scenic spots. Its provincially protected Taozhu Tourist Resort was reputed as Fairy Kingdom on the Sea. Besides, its provincially protected Niutou Mountain Resort and Cangshan Mountain, the No.1 Pinnacle in Southeast Zhejiang Province, etc., attract countless tourists all year round.

The city enjoys an amiable climate and rich products. Linhai was conferred with the title of the Town of Stone-Free Mandarin Orange by the Commission of Special Products.

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