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Qiongshan City is located in the north of the Hainan Island, neighbors Wenchang City to the east, borders Ding'an County to the south, connects with Chengmai County to the west and faces the Qiongzhou Channel to the north. Fucheng Town, the seat of the city government, is a national level historical and cultural city, and enjoys the reputation of the Paradise in Qiongshan.

The time-honored Qiongshan was inhabited by human beings as early as in the middle and late periods of the Neolithic Age more than 3,000 years ago. It was established as a county in the first year (627) of the Zhenguan reign in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). There was a mountain named Qiongshan Mountain in Baishidu (today's Xinmin Village) within the county, hence the name.

Qiongshan has rich natural resources. Its most special waterfall, the White Stone Brook Waterfall at Dapo, was formed by the sinkage of ground surface caused by a big earthquake and its fall is about 10 meters. Plus the ever-flowing White Stone Brook, the scenery is really splendid.

The Marvelous Volcano Spectacle, situated in the west of the Yangshan Area, is a rarely seen scenic spot in the world and the only one in China, and has the best preserved physiognomy of the crater and inactive volcano in the world. The crater is shaped like a double taper with protruding south and north peaks and sunken middle part. The north peak is 222.2 meters high, and the south one is 189.5 meters high with a diameter of 130 meters and depth of 69 meters. More than 30 solitary hills of pozzolana stand upright around the volcano. On the inner walls of the crater are various shapes of pozzolana, including limestone tower, stalagmite, limestone bed, limestone chair and figures similar to animals, taking on a fantastic view and being called as a natural volcano water-eroded cave museum by rocksies.

Qiongshan also boasts good-quality underground hot springs, and is the only place of interest with seawater, sand beaches and hot springs in the island. Its national level nature reserve -- Dongzhai Red Woods Nature Reserve -- is reputed as the Forest Park on the Sea. More than one hundred species of aquatic, creepy and island animals inhabit the nature reserve. The sites of 72 villages sunken in the big Qiongzhou earthquake on July 13, 1605 are also situated in Qiongshan City.

Ever since 110BC in the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), Qiongshan has been the political, economic and cultural center in the Hainan Island. In the city, there are the former residence of Hai Rui, a famous official in ancient China, the Qiongtai Academy, the once highest education institute in Hainan Province, and many historic sites like mausoleums, temples, ancient towers and drum towers, etc.

Qiongshan was proclaimed as a national historical and cultural city by the State Council on January 4, 1994.

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