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Qufu, the Oriental Holy City, is a famous city best known as the hometown of Confucius (551-479BC), a famous philosopher, educator, and the creator of Confucianism in ancient China. The city is also the birthplace of another great thinker and educator Mencius (372-289BC). Therefore, Qufu is listed as one of China's first group of historical cultural cities.

Situated in the southwest of Shandong Province and near Taishan Mountain in the north, Qufu has fertile land and rich products. The city was the settlement center for ancient Eastern Yi tribe, and a major site of Dawenkou and Longshan cultures. Confucius was born in Nishan, which is 30 kilometers southeast of Qufu City, and spent many years in Qufu giving lectures on his ideology, accompanied by his disciples and followers. A year after Confucius' death, many believers flocked to Qufu to listen to Confucius' disciples explain the doctrine, and the Duke Ai of Lu ordered the philosopher's home to be turned into a temple.

Qufu is world renowned for its long history, advanced culture, rich cultural relics and grand ancient architecture. There are more than 300 cultural protection units, and 112 key cultural relics preservation units. Among them, the Confucius Temple, Confucian Grove and Confucian Mansion are the most famous, listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 1994.

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