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Lying in the northwest of Hubei Province and middle reaches of the Hanshui River, Xiangfan is a historical and cultural city with a history of 2,800 years. It was once the connecting point of seven provinces.

Xiangfan enjoys a rich reserve of historical relics and scenic spots. It is the origin of ancient civilization and one of the birthplaces of the Chinese people. The most famous historic sites include the Baosha Temple, the relics of the ancient city, the tombs and former residences of the nobility. It is an important component of the tour route of the Three Kingdoms. The many relics can always arouse one's imagination of the old days.

There are lots of places for tourists. The well-known ones are the Baopu Rock, the Guanshan Forest Park, Lumen Mountain, and the Xieshan Summer Resort, etc. Other spots to the east are Wuhan and Dahong Mountain, to the west are Wudang Mountain and Shennongjia; to the south are Zhangjiajie, Jiangling Gezhouba Key Water Control Project and the Three Gorges; to the north are Xi'an and Luoyang. With cars, trains and plans directly arrive there; all the trips are within one day.

Xiangfan also has 41 revolutionary spots; it is the place where thousands of revolutionaries devoted themselves to the great enterprise of revoltionary.

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