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Situated in the middle of the Loess Plateau in Northern Shanxi Province, Yan'an faces the Yellow River and adjoins Shanxi Province to the east and Gansu Province to the west. Rich tourism resources can be found in Yan'an, such as key historic site under national protection -- the Yellow Emperor's Mausoleum, the key cultural relics site under national protection -- Zhongshan Grottoes of Zichang County, and scenic spot -- the Hukou Waterfall of the Yellow River, the China's largest group of wild peonies, and Wanhua Mountain and the hometown of the legendary Huamulan.

Holding a significant position in China's modern history, Yan'an is a place honored with revolution. There exist as many as 140 revolutionary sites, including Wangjiaping, which is the location of the headquarters of the CPC Central Military Committee and the Eighth Route Army, Fenghuang Mountain, which is the old site of CPC Central Committee, and other well-known places like Baotashan, Zaoyuan and Yangjialing.

Yan'an was proclaimed one of the first batch 24 cultural and historical cities by the State Council.

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