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In the golden sea-like expanse of the Loess Plateau in the northwest of China stands a large and fertile oasis, Ningxia, the lush southern-typed fields in the north of the Great Wall. The capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region is the beautiful ancient city, Yinchuan. With a total land area of 4,467 square kilometers, Yinchuan has under its jurisdiction the city district, the new city district, the suburb and Helan, Yongning counties. Yinchuan has a population of 700,000, among which 130,000 are the Huis.

The surging Yellow River runs through the city from south to north enriching the land and guaranteeing good harvests. Helan Mountain in the west prevents sand and cold from the deserts and ensures a clear sky and a mild climate here.

Legend has it that an excellent steed from afar rested at the bank of the river and turned into Helan Mountain. The Yellow River was originally a dragon. It restrained its fierceness only when passing by Ningxia.

With a long history and beautiful scenery of the ancient city, Yinchuan got its fame as South China Beyond the Great Wall. Yinchuan is a historical and cultural city with numerous relics of the old city wall and moat, palaces, pavilions, temples, pagodas and imperial mausoleums. All of these make Yinchuan one of the most charming cities in western China. The Phoenix City, Yinchuan, is a bright pearl in Northwest China.

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