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Zhengzhou, the capital city of Henan Province, is an important inland open city of historical and cultural value in China, as well as a growing modern city of trade and commerce in eastern China.

It leans on the southern bank of the Yellow River and the east side of Songshan Mountain, and borders Kaifeng, the ancient capital of seven dynasties, and Luoyang, the ancient capital of nine dynasties, to its east and west respectively, and faces the Huanghuai Plain to its southeast. It has five cities, one county and six districts under its jurisdiction. Zhengzhou is 760 km from Beijing in the north, 514 km from Wuhan in the south, 570 km from Lianyungang in the east, and 480 km from Xi'an in the west.

Zhengzhou boasts a long history, a splendid culture and abundant tourism resources. The Hometown of the legendary Yellow Emperor, the Cultural Site of Pei Ligang, the Site of Dahe Village, the Site of the Shang City and so on record the more than 8,000 years of its civilization. The cultural tourist spots with Chinese characteristics centering on the Yellow River Scenic Area and the Site of Dahe Village, and the Songhan Mountain Scenic Area centering on the Shaolin Temple and the Songhan Mountain National Forest Park add infinite charm to Zhengzhou.

Zhengzhou, in temperate continental climate, has a clearly demarcated four seasons, mild temperature, plenty of sunshine and no season limitation of tourist activities. Especially in severe winter and early spring, tourists can both experience the pleasure of flying snow and congelation as well as cold spell in spring, and enjoy discounts in low seasons. However, it is cold and dry in winter in Zhengzhou, and tourists need to put on eider down coat or overcoat. It is mild in spring and autumn, and tourists just put on sweater or dustcoat. In summer, it is torrid and rainy.

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