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Lying in the south part of the Sichuan Basin, Zigong is a famous historical and cultural city of China and a place of scenic beauty at the provincial level, winning itself world fame by the Three Rarities, namely the dinosaurs, the salt history and the lantern gathering.

The abundant resource of dinosaur fossils is rare in the mid-Jurassic Period of the world, with a great value for scientific research and tourism. The Zigong Dinosaur Museum in the site of the Dashanpu Dinosaur Fossils is the first museum for dinosaur fossil relics and one of the 40 excellent tourist spots in China.

The Zigong Lantern Gathering has a long history. The International Dinosaur Lantern Gathering of Zigong held in resent years wins itself great fame for the wonderful cultural scenery. The Zigong Colorful Lantern Museum is the place for storing and exhibiting the oriental lantern art. The unique scenic spots of Zigong is constituted by the Buddha caving in Rongxian County, the Temple of Literature in Fushun, the West Mountain Park, Xianren Mountain, the Qingshanling Forest Spot, the Tuojiang River and the Qingshan Canyon Scenic Spot.

The major souvenirs in Zigong are the fans made of bamboo strips, the tie-dye handicraft, the paper-cut and the straw-weavings. The cuisine in Zigong maintains the flavor of Sichuan; the opera is well known nationwide and the railways and roads here extend in every direction.

Today's young city was the capital of salt in ancient times. The present-day Zigong has developed into a modern city based on agriculture, focusing on economy, science education and culture, specialized in salt producing, chemistry, and mechanics and supplemented by food, electronics, building materials and metallurgy.

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