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Zunyi is endowed with attractive scenery of verdant mountains and elegant waters. In January 1935, a group of political and military leaders, who were dressed in gray army uniforms and octagonal service cap, held a significant meeting here to turn around the future of the Chinese people and the Chinese revolution, which made Zunyi world-famous, and became a holy site for tens of millions of Chinese people and a sacred spotlight nationwide.

Zunyi was entitled to be a great monument, a beacon light and a broad picture.

Situated in the northern part of Guizhou Province, Zunyi belongs to the northern section of the eastward slope in the transition area stretching from the Yungui Plateau toward the Sichuan Basin and Hunan Hill -- lands. Bordered Sichuan Province in the northwest, Zunyi is in the mid-way of Guiyang, the capital city of Guizhou Province, and Chongqing, the forth municipality of China. It has been proclaimed as one of the 24 historical-cultural cities by the State Council at the first batch, as well as one of most economically and culturally developed regions in Guizhou Province.

Zunyi is shining with beautiful scenery and unique cultural characteristics. Within its border are one national resort and four provincial resorts, and, plus all the cultural relics sites, the total number of places of interest is up to a thousand. Among them, there is the site of the Zunyi Meeting, the national level Shaluo nature reserve and the Shizhangdong Waterfall of Chishui. Wonderful spots are everywhere in Zunyi.

Zunyi is home to the national wine. Long time ago in the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-8AD), Zunyi produced the wine that Han Emperor Wudi praised as "extremely tasteful". Today, a batch of brand wines represented by the national Maotai Wine and Dongjiu Wine, including Xijiu Wine, Meijiao Wine, Zhenjiu Wine, Yaxijiao Wine and Nutritious Wine for Longevity and Happiness, get Zunyi the reputation of "Famous City for Wine Culture".

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