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Sani Women

The Sani is a branch of the Yi ethnic minority. Huabaotou (colored turban) of the Sani women is still an important part of girls' habiliment now, just like the legendary Ahshima (a goddess of love in the national myth).

Huabaotou is usually made by ingenious girls themselves. It is about three meters long and about 0.17 meter wide. A piece of black cloth is used as the base, and on it are embroidered many colored stripes. The workmanship of the colored stripes indicates the wisdom and talent of the girls, and is also a criterion for a young man in his choice of his spouse.

Hence, Huabaotou is very beautifully made. Whenever they have a happy event or go out, girls will put on their brand-new ornaments. Putting on Huabaotou is time-consuming and takes seven or eight steps. It is regarded as a symbol of freedom and happiness by the local people.

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