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The Jianzhang Palace

The site of Chang'an, capital of the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-8AD), is located 5 kilometers north of today's downtown Xi'an.

After the collapse of the Qin Dynasty (221-206BC), Emperor Gaozu, first emperor of the Western Han Dynasty set up the capital in Chang'an according to the suggestion from his talented minister Zhang Liang. The Changle Palace, the Weiyang Palace and the Jianzhang Palace are called the Three Han Palaces in China.

The Jianzhang Palace was built in Shanglin Garden outside the Han Chang'an City and the construction on it started in 104BC during the reign of Emperor Wudi. The palace comprises many halls and pavilions.

Emperor Wudi also ordered the construction of the Gui Palace, the Bei Palace and the Guangming Palace. He constructed the Jianzhang Palace outside western part of Chang'an City, expanded the Shanglin Garden of the Qin Dynasty, excavated the Kunming Lake, and built many summer or winter palaces and annexes.

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