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Ganlu Temple

Ganlu Temple is situated on Jiuhua Mountain in the south of Anhui Province, and is one of important temples on the mountain. In 1983, it was designated as one of national key temples in the areas of the Han nationality. Now, it is the site of Jihua Mountain Buddhist Academy.

Ganlu Temple was built in the sixth year (1667) of the Kangxi reign of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). When Imperial Master Yulin made a pilgrimage here, he thought that accomplished monks must appear if any temple was built here. Upon hearing Yulin's words, Dong'an, a monk living in Fuhudong (Tiger Subduing Cave), immediately began to beg alms to build a temple. The names of many Buddhist temples in the world contain the character Lu (dew), and most of them originated from stories recorded in Buddhist scriptures. Amitabha has two titles: Ganlu (Sweet Dew) Buddha and Sweet Dew King. However, Ganlu Temple on Jiuhua Mountain does not have such an origin. It is said that on the eve of building, tops of all trees on the mountain were covered with white dews, and this event, as a miracle, was reported to the throne. As a result, the name Ganlu (Sweet Dew) was conferred to the temple. Ganlu Temple has experienced several reconstructions since it was built. In the Qing Dynasty, the temple was expanded in the mid Qianlong reign, destroyed in war in the middle of the Xianfeng reign, and rehabilitated in the third year (1864) of the Tongzhi reign.

Ganlu Temple covers an area of 3,500 square meters, and its halls and pavilions are arranged in order. It consists of three sets of buildings like residential house and Main Hall like a place. It was built according to the mountain's hypsography. Main buildings of the temple include the Gate of Temple, Main Hall, Founder's Hall, and Jade Buddha Pagoda. The design of the temple's front gate is unique: when you enter the gate, you can see the temple's back wall. This gate is not connected to the yard. If you want to go to the Main Hall, you must enter any of the small side doors.

Ganlu Temple is nestled among exuberant trees. On its one side stands a stone called Dingxin (Being at Ease) Stone, where Master Yulin used to take a rest.


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